The domination of the Arabs on the Kenyan and Tanzanian coasts lasted hundreds of years.
The Arabic dhow, full of slaves, spices and wood, used to transit the ports of Shimoni, Mombasa and Lamu, using the South East and North East monsoons in order to reach the Arabic Sultans.
Along the whole of the coast reflections of this past presence are evident in religion, traditions, populations and buildings.
An uncontaminated example of this is the island of Lamu, an enclave where life seems to have stopped four hundred years ago, and where the four-five floor buildings make the framework of streets which have never seen a car.
Flamboyant villa and Baobab villa follow this construction style in which the roofs are replaced by big terraces used to collect water during the rainy season and the windows are placed in the direction of the Nord East monsoon to get the benefit from the sea-breezes in the hotter seasons.