Shambani is submerged in 12.000 square metres of tropical garden overflowing with plants and bordered by more than two thousand multicoloured bougainvilleas.
The visitors gaze is captured by the five gigantic two hundred year old Baobabs towering over a bloom of Flamboyant Trees, Camel Food, Hibiscus, Red Ginger and Potrea.
The bright colours of these plants are framed by the infinite shades of green of more than twenty varieties of Palm that grace Shambani, as well as Cycas and Sisal of astounding sizes.
The Coconut Palms with their great makuti up to six metres in length stand out everywhere, while extraordinarily large and variegated Potos wind around the trunks of the trees and Baobabs.
Frangipani and African Jasmine flowers perfume the whole garden in an extraordinary way, competing in elegance with the yellow of the Allamand and the red of the Ixora bushes.