At the entrance of Shambani you come across the path that brings you to the splendid and wild Congo River Mosque beach - the pearl of the Kenya coast - just 300 metres away.
The beach welcomes guests in an amazing framework of Baobabs of all shapes and sizes that skirt the beach and the right bank of the Mwachema River.
Passing opposite the ancient mosque - a Kenyan national monument - you come to the river-mouth where you can admire the great mangrove forest that surrounds it.
In the background a breathtaking panorama of coconut palms extends along the riverbanks, continuing out of sight to the slopes of the Shimba Hills National Park.
The river delta changes continuously under the ceaseless movement of the tides, shifting the great sand dunes and modelling a different landscape every day.

Even at low tide, when the beach becomes really vast, you can still bathe and swim. This really unique feature is possible because the coral reef is open at the level of the river, creating a melango, or gate, giving access to the open sea.

This is because the coral reef is open in correspondence to the river, creating a melango, or gate, giving access to the open sea.

So setting out directly from the beach you can go deep-sea fishing or sailing with a ngalawa, the outrigger boats used by local fishermen.

The "bathing-attendant" Salim Omari takes care of sun-beds and deckchairs for Shambani guests and supplements his income by selling shells and madafu, freshly picked coconuts, and by organising exceptional birdwatching excursions on the river by ngalawa.