Simba and Mamba cottage are two twin cottages built in the traditional African style. The roof is made in Casuarina and Silas trunks structure covered with makuti tiles, while the structure is provided of wide opening to grant the ventilation and the garden view.
The roof in makuti offers a thermal isolation which, together with the wide windows, the veranda opened on three sides on the garden, grant a comfortable stay.
The veranda hosts the living room for eight persons and the sitting room with two wide ethnic sofas, and on it face the kitchen, one of the two bedrooms, provided with double bed and private toilet.
A stair bring from the veranda to the first floor, where is settled the second wide bedroom with a double-bed a single-bed and a private toilette.
Also from the bedroom at the first floos, as from the veranda, the guest can enjoy a wonderful view on the garden and particularly on the swimming pool, while looking the roof it is possible to admire the amazing makuti structure.

Simba e Mamba offer an holiday full of comfort to a group of 4/5 persons and the view on the swimming pool allow an easy control on the children swimming , sitting on the veranda.

The kitchen with independent entry offers a great privacy also in case of cook presence.