The name of Flamboyant Villa, derives from the three mighty Flamboyants which surround it, called "fire trees" by the natives because of the bright red colours of their flowers:
The Villa is a construction with two bedrooms, which can become three with Kidogo cottage. It has big windows on both sides of the house, which give the guest a relaxing view over the garden.
On the ground floor there is the sitting room connected to the living room, the kitchen with its own entrance, the bedroom with private toilet and the store.
On the first floor there is the second bedroom with private toilet, a 40 sq.m. terrace and the open sitting room from which the garden panorama and the breeze from the sea - only 300 meters away - can be enjoyed.
From this floor stairs lead to the top terrace on the roof where there is a view of the hundred green Palmas which adorn Shambani and the fire-red colours of the Flamboyants.